Vinyl memories

So I know its become quite cool to appreciate and buy Vinyl records again in recent years. I myself have purchased a player and bought a number of records over the last year. It has become really enjoyable as I rarely buy them new but instead I much prefer to explore the numerous charity and second hand stores that are in the area where I live or close to whichever office I am working in that day. I have come across and bought some absolute gems which I would have never thought to buy online or in store as It was more about exciting to search for them myself and discovering new musical tastes which had once been someone else’s treasured item.

Vinyl records take me back to my childhood and hold special memories for me. My Mum and Dad had a big collection like most parents who grew up before the Compact disc. I have very vivid memories of my Mum getting on with the house work and putting her records on at full blast, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor to the soundtrack of everything from Matt Monroe to The Four Tops, Mario Lanza to Sandie Shaw. I began to see how happy it made my Mum to have these artists within her home and hear them as loud as she wanted with no one to tell her otherwise. I myself took to these songs and would often prompt my Mum to play one when I knew it was the right time which could be either of the following:

  • My Dad and brother were out of the house so no need for the football to be on.
  • We were busy in other areas of the house so background music was a good idea (I still can’t stand silence when I am in my flat now, I have to have music playing)
  • We had people over and were sat in the kitchen or chatting in the living room (time for more background music)

Christmas was always a time for records to be played, It’s a running joke between my younger Sister and I that as soon as Halloween is over my Mum will be playing Christmas records! To our amusement she would delve into her archives of classics from artists such as Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams and Elvis Presley. These moments did definitely enhance my Christmas as a child as I am sure you will agree the old Christmas songs are definitely the best ones! They just have that magical being about them that makes you think of snow, old movies, hot chocolate and let me say it a traditional Christmas or shall I call it a classic Christmas from a Hollywood movie.

So all this being said I now see the same similarities in myself that I once saw in my Mum. I have purchased a record player and a number of records and now I have quite a collection! Some of my own taste but some are just cause they have that soft spot in my heart from way back when and others were bought from the musical influence of my Husband. Here is a list of the ones I have accumulated so far and where I sourced them from:

  • Electric Warrior by T-Rex
  • Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson

All kindly loaned from my Father-in-laws extensive collection (one that I must be exploring again soon).

  • Tango In The Night by Fleetwood Mac
  • Parallel Lines by Blondie

Both second-hand surprise purchases from my husband via amazon (doesn’t he have great taste) The Fleetwood Mac one has become a favourite of mine.

  • David Live by David Bowie

Salvaged from a dusty cardboard box at a stall in Spitalfields market, London.


  • Let’s Dance by David Bowie
  • Love Songs by Elvis Presley

Found in my local British heart foundation charity shop and another Oxfam in South Woodford.


  • Greatest Hits by Rod Stewart
  • Greatest Hits by Elton John
  • Motown Dance Party – Various Artists
  • Greatest Hits by Bob Dylan
  • Don Mclean album
  • Roxy Music album
  • The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie

Purchased at my local Oxfam charity shop – some were collected at a Vinyl night they hosted because of the abundance of Vinyl records they are accumulated over the years, I hope they have another event soon!


  • U218 Singles by U2
  • Nothing Has Changed by David Bowie

The only two records I have bought brand new. Since our visit to NYC this past summer or more accurately Madison Square Gardens to see U2 perform we have been playing their music constantly, so I wanted a record to remember this by. As for the Bowie one well I kinda needed to have his back catalogue in my collection didn’t I? I will probably continue to snag the odd iconic album as and when I come across it though.


  • The Very Best of the Bee Gees
  • Every Breath You Take – The Singles by The Police
  • Tina Turner album

Purchased again at an Oxfam charity shop this time in Victoria, London


  • You are Beautiful by The Stylistics
  • The Drifters
  • The Best of The Four Tops
  • The Fortunes
  • The Velvet Underground

The above three were very sweet 30th Birthday gifts from my Mum and Sister 🙂

I am always searching to grow my collection and I am sure it will double in the next year. I hope someday when I have children of my own that they will experience the same sweet memories I now reflect on every time I place that needle on the Vinyl.