Facebook – Internet Killer

After reading an article today in the London metro titled “Facebook is ‘a threat to the web’ ” it has made me questioned the way I work and how I intend any work I design to be seen. Do we buy into this fact that everything will eventually live on Facebook or carry on trying to make the web free and open as it can be essentially this decision sits in the hands of individuals like myself a web designer and other creative and strategy people who work in ad agencies.

The article addresses the fact that iTunes or the iTunes store has in a way walled off any competition and made itself the sole provider of music on the web in some ways. Whenever you see an artist on a website or a song there is more than always a link to download it from the iTunes store or a promotion to say they are No1 on the iTunes chart. Only a couple weeks ago I heard Rhianna on the X-Factor thanking her fans that she was No1 on the iTunes chart. When did the the top 40 charts become redundant I ask.

Could Facebook become this way? We are already going to websites and being asked to connect to Facebook almost instantly or we can go no further or if we do go any further its a watered down version of the site. This could be the end of microsites and full flash campaign websites maybe. I have also heard a rumor about Facebook mail? I think buying into this will minimise the creativity involved and result in a lot of people not going online at all.