Must have…

Anyone who reads my blog will know I do like Edie so when I saw this I had to post!

The artist Gabriel Moreno has a great website, is an excellent artist and you can purchase a lot of his work online. I do wish I am in possession of something like this one day as it is truly magnificent!

Check out his website here
Check out the other Edie prints in his online shop here

Light my fire – Will Young

I only just noticed this last night and got quite excited. Will Young’s video for Light my Fire is based on the film Ciao Manhattan starring Edie Sedgwick.

Extract from Will young website:

Will Young had began nurturing a signature style from the Light My Fire video. “Even at that moment we’d begun pushing things on. [Legendary director] Bailey Walsh shot it and it was so different to what you’d expect from somebody from that environment. It was a moment, for me, of understanding that you can do interesting stuff within the mass market. If you know Ciao! Manhattan then you’d pick up on the reference. If not, it’s still a lovely black and white video.” He pauses for a second, before delivering the punch-line. “Shot in Leighton Buzzard.”