Item off the bucket list

So in March of this year I finally built up the courage to do a sky dive!

I had been thinking about it for some time but not really found the perfect place which would eventually persuade me. Well when living in Dubai I heard about Skydive Dubai, which most expats do at some point as either a colleague, friend or family member is going along for a jump and posting it on social media. But thats the great thing about Sky Dive Dubai they not only take a bunch and I mean a bunch of pictures of you while your screaming your head off up there, they also shoot some video and put it all together into a mini film along with interviews with yourself pre and post jump.

It is by far one the best things I have done and I am so glad I did it in Dubai as the views are immense! I would recommend it to anyone! So I only ever posted a couple of images online at the time but thought as I am starting to write more on my blog and wanting myself to come across more I wanted to let whoever reads these posts in on a little bit more about myself. Here it is in full my Sky dive experience – prepare to have your mind blow 😀

img_4752 img_4765 img_4776 img_4808 img_4812 img_4820 img_4825 img_4837 img_4872 img_4875 img_4878 img_4888 img_4889 img_4894


So another chapter has ended for now I guess. Me and my now Fianceé have decided to leave Dubai and return to London. We have been there for over a year now and experienced some pretty amazing things! I will always appreciate what it did for us as individuals, professionals and of course a couple.

I am very excited to begin our life together (again) in London. I have worked with some pretty amazing people over in Middle East and met lots of different types of people, been introduced to different customs and ways of life also. I can’t explain in words how much it can fulfil you to experience something like this as a person I feel so much more mature and appreciative of things that never really mattered to me too much before. So okay without sounding all emotional and sentimental I shall share with you some visual memories that I have gathered over my time in Dubai. DSC_0404






Boat days in Dubai

Dave’s Brother recently purchased a boat. So this weekend we decided to join them on a little outing seen as the weather has cooled down slightly. I took a couple of photos of our cruise from where the boat was docked on the palm up to the back of the Burj al Arab and then around the Palm. It was a really great morning and the water was so calm so we didn’t get ill 🙂



In the distance you can see Business central towers, this is where I work.


The Burj al Arab



Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa in the distance




The Atlantis Hotel



Couldn’t resist dipping my feet in the Persian Gulf, next time I will wear my bikini and take a dip 🙂




There was this amazing house on the edge of them Palm which was huge! I wonder who lives here?

Life in Dubz

So this is the tower we live. It’s called lake terrace tower and located in jumierah lake towers, Dubai.

This is a regular friday for me sat by the pool while Dave is working. Its a pretty decent pool and it’s too hot right now to get to the beach 😦

This is the view from our balcony across JLT at night.

This is inside the metro station which is my usual mode of transport to and from work although the taxis are quite cheap if I am running late :/

This is the view from the 35th Floor in my office which is in Business Central Towers, Dubai Media City

The view on the day of a sandstorm

My Desk

What Ladies night consist of – free cocktails!