So me and Sabrina booked to go to Prague finally! after all the talk, planning, getting excitied it’s finaly going to happen on the 24th April!

I have so many great memories of prague from 2003 and also 2005. Here are a few pics from those time and there will be more to come after our little trip in April!

This is kinda pretty much which myself and Sabrina lived on for a week! God student days I definatly couldn’t do that now!

This was the most amazing Chocolate shop!

Church View

This is the Art college I used to go to until 2004. I loved it here and madeĀ a lot of great friends.

The former college has been recently purchased by the Doncaster Central Development Trust CIC whose vision is to develop the existing buildings to house Creative and Digital business centre of international significance.

This is quite exciting!

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