Item off the bucket list

So in March of this year I finally built up the courage to do a sky dive!

I had been thinking about it for some time but not really found the perfect place which would eventually persuade me. Well when living in Dubai I heard about Skydive Dubai, which most expats do at some point as either a colleague, friend or family member is going along for a jump and posting it on social media. But thats the great thing about Sky Dive Dubai they not only take a bunch and I mean a bunch of pictures of you while your screaming your head off up there, they also shoot some video and put it all together into a mini film along with interviews with yourself pre and post jump.

It is by far one the best things I have done and I am so glad I did it in Dubai as the views are immense! I would recommend it to anyone! So I only ever posted a couple of images online at the time but thought as I am starting to write more on my blog and wanting myself to come across more I wanted to let whoever reads these posts in on a little bit more about myself. Here it is in full my Sky dive experience – prepare to have your mind blow 😀

img_4752 img_4765 img_4776 img_4808 img_4812 img_4820 img_4825 img_4837 img_4872 img_4875 img_4878 img_4888 img_4889 img_4894