Hey baby!

So in July this year me and Dave found that we were going to become parents! We were so excited and couldn’t quite believe how quickly it happened for us – we were very lucky.


We know that we are totally ready for this well I know people say that you can never be totally ready but we are relaxed enough to know that we finally want to share our life with a little version of the two of us. We have done so much together as a couple its about time that we had another member of the Taylor family to introduce all this and more to.

Baby Taylor will hopefully be making his or her entrance come March 4th 2017 and we are just starting to make the small preparations for its arrival. I am currently 18 weeks so not really done too much yet as its all very up in the air the first few months just making sure everything is progressing well. Mid October we have our anomaly scan and hopefully we will also get to find out if we have a boy or a girl on the way!

I am starting to feel quite motherly and protective already whether its making sure I am eating all the right foods at the right times to caring for my body and mind more by doing yoga, relaxing and just taking time out for myself. I have started to put together a pregnancy journal too, I hope this will one day serve as happy reminder to me and also a sweet letter to my future child. I consider this time before he or she arrives such a precious one as its our last few months together alone as a couple but also its time to shape the little world around us in preparation for this new little one.

We are both so looking forward to starting this journey together but I am under no illusions that its going to be easy, but thats the best part as so far we have had a ups and downs why should it be any different just soon we will have someone else to share it with!