Boat days in Dubai

Dave’s Brother recently purchased a boat. So this weekend we decided to join them on a little outing seen as the weather has cooled down slightly. I took a couple of photos of our cruise from where the boat was docked on the palm up to the back of the Burj al Arab and then around the Palm. It was a really great morning and the water was so calm so we didn’t get ill 🙂



In the distance you can see Business central towers, this is where I work.


The Burj al Arab



Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa in the distance




The Atlantis Hotel



Couldn’t resist dipping my feet in the Persian Gulf, next time I will wear my bikini and take a dip 🙂




There was this amazing house on the edge of them Palm which was huge! I wonder who lives here?


I just watched the bio film Chaplin starring Robert Downey Junior and i have to say it’s up there with my faves!

I am a bit of a sucker for bio flicks and usually get hooked when I previously didn’t know much about the subject. This was quite moving though and explains to me how important of a role Charlie played in motion picture production. If you have love film its a must for your list!

check out the description here



Queso sauce and nachos!

After coming back from the US I am totally craving this!

Me and Dave so wanted mexican food last night and there are no good mexican places near our flat so we ended up having stir-fry! 😦

We started talking about all the good food we had had in America 🙂

Please someone tell me where i can get some decent queso sauce!