Learning and discovering

So for some time I have been saying to myself that I have wanted to learn after effects. I used to mess around with it at college a little. Mainly to render out my 3D projects I had created in Maya. But I wanted to get down with all after effects can do as a program on its own.

Well as part of a professional and creative promise to myself I have said whenever I get any downtime I will learn something. So I signed up to Lynda and began to teach myself bit by bit. Now what I am showcasing here Is probably very basic to the regular after effects user but for me this is a massive step and I hope to build on it slowly and hopefully one day add after effects to my skill set and produce work professionally with the tool but for now I am enjoying exploring the program at my own pace and minus a brief 🙂

The first is a simple logo ident for my website:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.48.43

The next is a simple lyric video using a David Bowie track and a video I downloaded from here

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.49.16

Stu Phelps

So I work with this guys called Stu (the much loved IT guy at Steak) and i found out the other day he has a tumblr account that holds a collection of some of his creative work!

I had no idea he was into doing sketching, modelling and animation and after looking at his blog he’s pretty darn good! Go Stu!

You should go and check out his stuff at stuphe.tumblr or you can catch him on his twitter