Tasker Taylor Designer Spy..

So in the past year things have been pretty hectic – Me and Dave got married! So I am now officially Lisa Taylor – no longer a Tasker…

The wedding was as they say the best day of our lives. We had some of our friends come over from the states to help celebrate! They came over a week before so we could hang out in London and show them some cool stuff seen as they made the long journey. The day itself was beautiful sunny/stormy Yorkshire day 🙂 all our family and friends there and a simple, yet personal ceremony and reception.

We have gone over over and back on forth about where we want to settle in the UK we even nearly made the move to back to Yorkshire but right at the last min it just didn’t feel right and so we have decided to remain here in London. We are lucky enough to have stumbled on a great area and found a wonderful apartment. Not many people have heard of it and those that have believe it is so far out of London but for us 40 mins on a tube to Oxford St really isn’t that bad! So hopefully this will be the start to our married life and for once and for all becoming southerners! haha

I have also decided to go it alone in the freelance world and set up my own company. So far so good I have been getting in steady work for some great clients and really enjoying the choices I can make in terms of who I work with and projects that I get involved in.

Here are a few visual memories from the last few months wedding, London, friends and all!

I got the chance to travel to Barcelona with Samsung to launch the S5 at #unpacked 2014 Here is the team in the "war room"
I got the chance to travel to Barcelona with Samsung to launch the S5 at #unpacked 2014 Here is the team in the “war room”[/caption]


Got to try some amazing food!


This was the view from the apartment we stayed in.



So March came and it was already time for my hen do! My girls put together a lovely weekend for us all in London!


So March came and it was already time for my hen do! My girls put together a lovely weekend for us all in London!

Some of our friends came over from the States for our wedding. They stayed with us in London for a week, so we could hang out for a bit before the wedding.

Me and my dear friend Angela got to go to our first gig together CHVRCHES at the Forum in Kentish town!




Here she is on the tube with her sweet Boyfriend Michael or Z as we call him who was also Dave’s best man.



Some shots of the Boys!




Many a tube journey was taken!


A lot of Vintage shopping/browsing!


In Doncaster we took them for a game of bowling before a night on the town! DTC!


They got to meet my lovely maid of honour/sister before the wedding and some of our friends.





The day finally came and these two were on hand to help me with my dress!


We got some really odd weather of thunder storms hail and bright sunshine! But the sun was out for the pictures thank god!


The boys trying to not look too nervous before their speeches 🙂





Everyone enjoyed a dance! Including my normally shy little brother Jamie 🙂



The photobooth went down a treat!












My friend Claire actually moved to Leeds so we went to sample the cocktail bars of course!


Me and the Husband finally got to see AWOLNATION!



Got very cheap tickets to a festival which included Arcade fire in the lineup!



Started a photography project on our local area – Wanstead

More to come soon!

Hello is Jane there?

Have a lovely Day!

So Me and Dave went over to South Carolina for New Years! Here are a couple of photos from the trip in no particular order.

We went dancing in Blue Martini, Greenville

Hung out on the beach in Isle of Palms, Charleston

Ate some great southern food!

Stayed in an amazing house!

Saw a band at the Windjammer, Charleston!

Even saw a hockey game!


So a couple of weeks ago i went to see the T-REX tribute band, T-Rextasy! They were absolutely amazing! A must for any Marc Bolan or T-Rex fan!

He sang all the classics such as, Ride a white swan, Children of the Revolution, Telegram Sam, Jeepster and many more! The lead, Danielz was the spitting image of Marc and all his mannerisims were the same. I felt like i had been transported back to the 70’s!

The crowd really got into it and sang along to every song, so if your a T-Rex fan and are looking for a great night out i suggest you go and see these guys!

The band were joined on stage by the legend, Alvin Stardust and Andy Ellison which was great, Andy slipped back into his on stage havoc from the Johns peoples days which envolved spraying the croud with water and stage diving!

The crowd was literally dancing out of the Venue to the sounds of “La la la lalalaaaaa…” All that was left at the end as i got my tube home was a single pink feather from a boa floating down the platform at Angel tube station….