So i have heard about this series for a long time! My Boyfriend started watching it in america and is now obsessed with it along with all his amenrica friends!

I have watched a few series of them i think we are now up to 7? And its actually not too bad. One thing that did get me more interested was when we found they were screening this documentary on sky called teenage paparazzo. this documentary was run by Adrian Grenier – Vince from Entourage!

It gives us a behind the scenes look into the world of a paparazzo and not just any a teenage paparazzo – Austin Visschedyk. Adrian follows this kid around and tries to understand why he is obsessed with photographing celebraties. I don’t want to give it all away as you should watch it if you get the chance.

It really gave me an insight into what Adrian is really like and he is not a half bad guy!

Check out Teenage paparazzo here >

and Entourage here >