Small purchase

Whilst wondering around covent garden on my lunch break i stumbled across a temp shop by the designer daviddavid

I found so many things inside that I would love to have but for now I settled for this brooch to add a bit of colour to my new blazer


There are so many more amazing things though! If you can’t make it they have an online shop also.

She’s in Fashion!

So since i have been down in London (past 5 years) I have sort of got a little bit into vintage clothing and thrift shops. My little Sister as she has grown up has shared that passion with me and actually got quite good at picking things out!

So when ever she comes down to visit we either head to Camden or Brick lane to see what she or I can find. Unfortunatly in Doncaster, where we are both from there aren’t a lot of Vintage shops, probably Sheffield has the nearest batch. This all changed recently when Revival Vintage and Audreys online shop opened!

Obviously Charlotte (my sister) was straight in there and has managed to bag herself a modelling gig! Here’s a link to some of the pics.

If you live in Doncaster or are anywhere near you should go check these places out!

Light my fire – Will Young

I only just noticed this last night and got quite excited. Will Young’s video for Light my Fire is based on the film Ciao Manhattan starring Edie Sedgwick.

Extract from Will young website:

Will Young had began nurturing a signature style from the Light My Fire video. “Even at that moment we’d begun pushing things on. [Legendary director] Bailey Walsh shot it and it was so different to what you’d expect from somebody from that environment. It was a moment, for me, of understanding that you can do interesting stuff within the mass market. If you know Ciao! Manhattan then you’d pick up on the reference. If not, it’s still a lovely black and white video.” He pauses for a second, before delivering the punch-line. “Shot in Leighton Buzzard.”