I don’t just design

I have started writing posts on Linked in for there Pulse section here is one I thought I would share on here:

I just recently watched a short video about the upcoming documentary Design Disrupters It was so interesting and made me really realise how my role as a designer has changed and is forever going to evolve but this current period in time right now is so important.

Agencies, Companies, Brands and anyone who employs digital designers to create banners, websites, online experiences, emails anything that a user interacts with is starting to notice. Designers can no longer create something visually pleasing, something that has the right colour scheme, adheres to brand guidelines, follows consistent rules set by another designer – no. There is now another more important factor to think about – How it makes the user feel.

As human beings we have had the pleasure of interacting with the digital landscape for some time now and we no longer stumble through it, we know exactly what we want and if we don’t see it, don’t feel it we move on, we’re becoming more demanding and more savvy. This is clear to see if you have children and when they pick up a device for the first time whether it be an iPhone, an Android phone a tablet, they know the gestures, the swiping techniques it’s quite scary to see but it is the way we have evolved and its not going to stop.

Because of this it has forced me and many other professionals like me to step up our design game! Agencies and clients need designers more than ever now to create these experiences and we need to be more in touch with how gestures and transitions need to work and make you feel – design is getting more and more interesting for us as a profession now for sure and I can’t wait to evolve with it and keep the user entertained!


So I have been thinking a lot about my online identity recently. After getting married and having my name change should I carry on using Tasker? At first i thought yes as it was hard to secure the web domain lisataylor.com for obvious reasons but now the more I think about it and the more I network I can see the issues. People wonder am I Lisa Tasker still or am I now Lisa Taylor? New connections I make know me as Lisa Taylor so it seems viable to change to that but how can I forget the past 7 years of connections made??

So I have decided to put together a new online identity. This is something that is going to be careful process as I don’t want to rush into it but I want to get it up and running soon.

This kind of sticks with me so I think I may go with it and see what branding and ideas around it I conjure up!

Lisa Tasker Taylor Designer Spy

I like it as it is funny but also directly relates to me and what I do. A couple of friends kindly thought it up minus the Designer but with Soldier (get it) well lets see where it takes me 🙂

I will post updates of thoughts and designs as soon as I have something.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.53.56

My picks from 2012 Cannes Lions

So I have gathered together a few of my highlights from Cannes Lions 2012, Enjoy!

The Three Little Pigs – The Guardian

I remember first seeing this Ad last year and the buzz around it was crazy, everyone was talking about it when I went to work the next day and it was all over twitter so a well deserved entry.

Nike Fuel Band

I absolutely love this! Great way to get people motivated and I can see in at least a decade this becoming a way of life and more and more companies following Nike and developing their own versions of the fuel band. I must get one of these!

Charlie Sheen DIRECTV Commercial 2012

There are a series of these ads all very snappy but this is my fave. Well anything with Charlie Sheen in right now is a winner! (no pun intended) But it really grabs you in that short space of time so great execution!

Carlsberg stunts

I think public or outdoor stunts like this are hilarious! and this one doesn’t disappoint. I’d like to think I would make it to the seats also but who knows with all those big, mena bikers sat there!

Dramatic surprise

Wow again with the outdoor stunts! Love this and it had to be somewhere like Belgium! Would have been great to be there and see it in action of course and not knowing if it was for real.

So there you go! There’s some of my faves but you can go check them all out here