American dreams

I  have been wanting to share these pictures for a while but only just got around to gathering them all up and putting them on here. So here are some snaps that I have took from our USA trips this year and also a few from our trip to NYC last year.

New York City July 2015



Some shots from the MOMA museum:

To top it all off we went to see the amazing U2 in Madison Square Gardens:


After visiting NYC we headed down to myrtle beach for a week to catch up with friends


Stayed in this beautiful beach house





I already posted a bunch from San Fran but here are a few more from there and LA:HOLLYWOOD_1

And the view of downtown LA from the hills:CRW_3434

Those hills in San Fran:


And a view from Fort Point, SFCRW_3358

A couple from the Hoover Dam:


How could I leave out Vegas itself:

In May we went over for a friends wedding and managed to squeeze in a small visit to Washington DC.



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