New beginnings

So the time has come I have decided that I am finally going to have a go at photography. I have been interested in it for a while. What with friends being photographers as well as family members and various colleagues, I have finally been drawn in. So it officially started when my boyfriends Dad kindly donated me his Canon 400D! He has had many successful years with it and produced some beautiful shots so fingers crossed it will serve me well.

Over the Eid break here in Dubai I took a trip to Dubai mall and spent several hours exploring the photography section of the book store. I absolutely love getting lost in a book store (usually in the music or design section) but this time was different I felt a little out of my depth so many books to choose from. I finally settled on one so now all I have to do is give it a thorough read and hopefully I will be well equipped to begin the first stages of exploring this amazing skill.

It always puzzled me that many people nowadays consider themselves photographers what with the endless amount of mobile phone apps available to us all these days. I for one intend to learn this art from  the very beginning and not use filters or any other type of manipulation to perfect my photographs unless it is a skill I have particularly learnt in photoshop myself. I would like to think I am part of the way to being a photographer, being an Art director and a designer for some years now I believe I have a good knowledge of composition.

So to all the skilled photographers out there I salute you and hope some day I will be able to master this beautiful skill 🙂 wish me luck!



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