It’s funny how a a big fluffy, smelly dog can take up so much space in your heart. From the moment Sparky arrived in our lives when we were all together at Tennyson avenue, Sprotbrough he has caused havoc, some ways good some ways bad, but the bad never lasted for long, I mean how can you be mad at such a cute animal!

Today I am a little low knowing that he won’t be here anymore, I know in recent years I haven’t been around as much having been in London and now in Dubai but he was always there when I popped back home. Me with big new juicy bone waiting in hand and he would come bounding towards me almost instantly covering me in white fluffy dog hairs (the problem of a having a golden lab).

I am so fortunate to have had such a joy in my life, they joy of owning a pet is incredible especially a dog I must say. To all you cat lovers out there I know you must love them dearly but I myself have never had that connection with a cat, but with a dog it’s truly amazing! Even through times of frustration and anger, my 13 year old self waking up one morning to find out my advent calendar had been shredded to pieces, chocolates eaten and flung behing the sofa. Of course I go and blame my little sister who I am certain would do anything for chocolate! But later to find it had been the dog, Sparky 🙂 By this time all my anger had been taken out on my poor little sister so I am sure Sparky just got a tap on the nose!


In recent years I have seen the joy my two younger brothers have gained from having him around. It’s great that they could experience this as well as me. Even Jamie at such a young age bosses him around like he is his own personal guard dog and sparky seems never seem to mind 🙂

I will miss his mischievousness and his ability to know when I am down and just wanting him close by, his howling at silly o clock in the morning and laughing at his enormous appetite!  Goodbye Sparks! we will all miss you!



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