So a couple of weeks ago i went to see the T-REX tribute band, T-Rextasy! They were absolutely amazing! A must for any Marc Bolan or T-Rex fan!

He sang all the classics such as, Ride a white swan, Children of the Revolution, Telegram Sam, Jeepster and many more! The lead, Danielz was the spitting image of Marc and all his mannerisims were the same. I felt like i had been transported back to the 70’s!

The crowd really got into it and sang along to every song, so if your a T-Rex fan and are looking for a great night out i suggest you go and see these guys!

The band were joined on stage by the legend, Alvin Stardust and Andy Ellison which was great, Andy slipped back into his on stage havoc from the Johns peoples days which envolved spraying the croud with water and stage diving!

The crowd was literally dancing out of the Venue to the sounds of “La la la lalalaaaaa…” All that was left at the end as i got my tube home was a single pink feather from a boa floating down the platform at Angel tube station….


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