Absolute Bowie

Sooooo on Saturday I went to a gig at The Half Moon in Putney. The gig was Absolute Bowie (a David bowie tribute band)

I will let you know now, from start to finish I found it amazing! If you are a David Bowie fan this is a must! Or even if you just like a couple of his tracks you will definitely enjoy this one! As soon as Halloween Jack (Lead vocals) burst onto the stage the crowd were going crazy! Everything he did was exactly Bowie and I felt for a while I had been taken back a few years to the 70’s! Or on the other hand I briefly thought, imagine if this was a new band and we had never heard this music before? It would still be pretty up to date now and out there so it made me realise how contemporary Bowie actually was and how ahead of his time he was!

So the band went through all the classics right from Life on Mars to Heroes! In between there was bits of Bowie’s on stage antics also (miming, trying to play the guitar with his mouth!) Me and my friend Claire totally got into things and had an amazing time. I met a few people there who had actually seen Bowie live in the 80’s and they said Absolute Bowie were amazing!

Please go and see them if you get the chance I will absolutely be going again!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy:


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