How it is

Okay so I know this exhibition has been here for a while but I finally found the time (and courage) to go this weekend while my little Sister was staying with me.

Basically it is an installation at the Tate modern called How it is . It has now finished but if you did get to see it were you freaked out??

I surprised myself as I thought i would just march on in there dragging my little sister behind me as i thought she would be more scared than me. As we clutched onto each other stepping slowly into the darkness i felt my vision narrowing and my eyes finding it harder to focus and then came the headaches, by this time I had to clutch onto the wall at the side of me as I was convinced I was going to step in a hole or something!

But the most surprising thing was that this was the same expreience for most adults but the younger children were fearless and intrigued by it and began running in and out several times! This is what I found most interesting, the different reactions to the exhibition.

By the end me and my sister didn’t even make it halfway in ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but at least I had a go!


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