My therapy is

Upping the speed on the treadmill for that last min;

Singing at the top of my voice when driving in the car;

Talking all evening to my husband about the same subjects we did the same time the week before just because I have to;

Singing and dancing around the living room with my daughter to second hand records which bring back all kinds of memories;

Writing my thoughts down and reading them back days/weeks/months later;

Taking Ellie for long walks in her Pram while she naps & I listen to my podcasts.


American dreams

I  have been wanting to share these pictures for a while but only just got around to gathering them all up and putting them on here. So here are some snaps that I have took from our USA trips this year and also a few from our trip to NYC last year.

New York City July 2015



Some shots from the MOMA museum:

To top it all off we went to see the amazing U2 in Madison Square Gardens:


After visiting NYC we headed down to myrtle beach for a week to catch up with friends


Stayed in this beautiful beach house





I already posted a bunch from San Fran but here are a few more from there and LA:HOLLYWOOD_1

And the view of downtown LA from the hills:CRW_3434

Those hills in San Fran:


And a view from Fort Point, SFCRW_3358

A couple from the Hoover Dam:


How could I leave out Vegas itself:

In May we went over for a friends wedding and managed to squeeze in a small visit to Washington DC.



Hey baby!

So in July this year me and Dave found that we were going to become parents! We were so excited and couldn’t quite believe how quickly it happened for us – we were very lucky.


We know that we are totally ready for this well I know people say that you can never be totally ready but we are relaxed enough to know that we finally want to share our life with a little version of the two of us. We have done so much together as a couple its about time that we had another member of the Taylor family to introduce all this and more to.

Baby Taylor will hopefully be making his or her entrance come March 4th 2017 and we are just starting to make the small preparations for its arrival. I am currently 18 weeks so not really done too much yet as its all very up in the air the first few months just making sure everything is progressing well. Mid October we have our anomaly scan and hopefully we will also get to find out if we have a boy or a girl on the way!

I am starting to feel quite motherly and protective already whether its making sure I am eating all the right foods at the right times to caring for my body and mind more by doing yoga, relaxing and just taking time out for myself. I have started to put together a pregnancy journal too, I hope this will one day serve as happy reminder to me and also a sweet letter to my future child. I consider this time before he or she arrives such a precious one as its our last few months together alone as a couple but also its time to shape the little world around us in preparation for this new little one.

We are both so looking forward to starting this journey together but I am under no illusions that its going to be easy, but thats the best part as so far we have had a ups and downs why should it be any different just soon we will have someone else to share it with!

San Francisco

In February this year we went on an unforgettable trip around the west coast of USA. We managed to hit three major cities in 10 days, starting with San Francisco then Las Vegas for the weekend and finishing the trip off in Los Angeles. It was so much fun and we got some amazing weather for February so everyone kept telling.

We arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday 10th February after an 11 hour flight. Feeling pretty tired and zombie-like we dropped our bags off at the hotel and took a wander out into the city. We were staying downtown at the Intercontinental, it was a really nice hotel and a great place to start our trip as it gave us that bit of luxury to come back to at the end of each day. Here are my highlights from San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory was pretty surreal feeling seeing something so close and in person, I mean usually its something that you only ever see in books or on films. We chose to take in the view from Fort point I took my camera to get a few good shots and we took the touristy selfies  of course. Dave said why don’t we walk it? We were up so unusually early for us because of the time difference so it was quite quiet on the tourist count so we decided to go for it. It was rather windy though so we called it a day half way across. But the views were amazing so I am glad we did it. Here’s a couple of pics from the experience.





Day two we were up and about after having an early night – jet lag kicking our ass 😦 We planned our trip to Alcatraz for today and I think it was the visit Dave was looking forward to the most! He loves all them TV documentaries about prisons and how they operate and thinks the Clint Eastwood Escape from Alcatraz film is maybe one of the best films of all time! So its safe to say he was pretty psyched about this visit. I booked our tickets in advanced as I heard there could be big queues to purchase them on the day or they may even be sold out. I took a few shots on my camera as we made our way out from pier 33 towards Alcatraz island.

IMG_8546 IMG_8553

The weather was okay, a little cold so we brought some thin jackets with us and had our walking shoes on ready to explore the island. We pulled up to the harbour and got off the ferry to receive a short intro from one of the tour guides. We stayed until we had all the info we needed and then we left to make our way up to the cellblock to avoid the crowds. So its the standard museum sort of drill – you get a headset and controller and stroll around the museum independently following the instructions and stories told to you via the headset, you can pause the commentary at any time so you can stay a bit longer at certain areas or stop and chat to whoever you are with and then pick it right back up where you left off. The stories are told by former cell mates and prison guards and have a very eerie manner about them, but thats quite understandable as they lived through this experience. Its quite crazy to hear the stories first hand and be in the exact spot where they happened. It was an excellent tour from start to finish I totally recommend it! I am such a sucker for real life events – to the point of when I find out about interesting stories or events I have to research them so much more. Look up the people, watch movies, read books etc! The movie Escape from Alcatraz is probably one of these such events. The way that was all planned out and took place is so astonishing and mind blowing and the thought that two of those men have been reported still alive is insane!

IMG_8554 IMG_8557 IMG_8555


Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s wharf was a lively see front area with a lot of restaurants, shops and family friendly attractions. I did a little readying up on the area prior to our trip and noted the musee mechanique – world’s largest privately owned collections of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines. It was free admission and there were so many interesting treasures inside so well worth a visit if you make it down that way.

IMG_8588 IMG_8589 IMG_8593 IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596

From Fisherman’s wharf we decided to get the cable car back up the hill back towards our hotel. We took in the sights while on our way:

IMG_8603  IMG_8618 IMG_8620

All in all San francisco was beautiful. It was a lot to get round in just a couple of days but we did it! So happy to have visited this wonderful city on the wet coast of America next stop VEGAS!




Learning and discovering

So for some time I have been saying to myself that I have wanted to learn after effects. I used to mess around with it at college a little. Mainly to render out my 3D projects I had created in Maya. But I wanted to get down with all after effects can do as a program on its own.

Well as part of a professional and creative promise to myself I have said whenever I get any downtime I will learn something. So I signed up to Lynda and began to teach myself bit by bit. Now what I am showcasing here Is probably very basic to the regular after effects user but for me this is a massive step and I hope to build on it slowly and hopefully one day add after effects to my skill set and produce work professionally with the tool but for now I am enjoying exploring the program at my own pace and minus a brief 🙂

The first is a simple logo ident for my website:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.48.43

The next is a simple lyric video using a David Bowie track and a video I downloaded from here

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.49.16

David Bowie 1947-2016

January 10th 2016

I snoozed my alarm at around 6:50am, I didn’t want to get up. This is usually the case as I am not a morning person. But that night I hadn’t slept properly having woken at around 2am for some unknown reason. So now I was fighting the morning approaching and my ever annoying alarm clock. I eventually woke as my whatsapp tone went off and this made me realise that everyone else is up and about getting ready for work I really should be too. It was my friend Morgan. She wrote me a simple message that made me sick to my stomach and I didn’t quite believe or understand at first, it read:

“Bud I’m so sorry: Bowie RIP (lightening bolt emoji, cat crying emoji) xoxoxox”

It has taken me a while to think about this post. I wasn’t sure I wanted to write it or even if I should and now I am beginning it I know I have to. It may go through several iterations and probably take several days – hopefully not months :/ but David Bowie was and still is very much a part of me and my life that I can’t let the events of January 10th go unrecorded in my own blog.

Typing it out like this makes it sound a little like that it has a affected me in the wrong way like that its only me it has affected, but I realise that this is bigger than me. The only people who this hits to the core are his close family and friends they are the ones who knew David Jones from Brixton, London.

The hours that followed the news were I guess blurry to be honest. I couldn’t quite believe he had passed, he had just released his new album and reached the age of 69 on the 8th January. It seemed so sudden, and it was. After trawling through several news stories on the web I came to realise the circumstances of his death and that it had been kept hidden from all but his close family and  friends. This gave me some comfort in a way because at least he had those private last moments/years with his family and was able to keep his dignity without it being splashed across the press about his treatment and deteriorating self (I am sure it would have been written this way). I can’t imagine what it would have been like for them on the flip-side of having to deal with this all in silence or private and no one really knowing what they are going through day to day. I guess in all cases of dealing with a loved ones illness you have to do it your way and everyone should respect that – he had such a strong family and close circle around him.

After the shock of learning David had passed I began to just feel grateful that I known his music, art and creativity. Grateful that I had appreciated it, immersed myself in it totally.

Becoming a fan or follower of David Bowie happened quite late for my regrettably, but I do feel that the path that I chose and where I grew up and came from was a factor of this. I grew up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The only knowledge I have of Bowie from an early age is seeing him in Labyrinth and being completely freaked out but also intrigued to carry on watching. He was different, I couldn’t understand, I wanted to see more. The next time was when I saw him on the 1996 Brit awards singing Hallo Spaceboy with the Pet Shop Boys, again I was intrigued. But at this age I don’t know why but this initial interest never gave me the impulse to further explore…

I moved to London at the end of summer in 2006. I had accepted a job at a small design agency, I hadn’t finished my degree but I was dead set on moving to London and nothing could stop me. In my last few weeks of being in Doncaster I hung out with a friend who had given to me hundreds of music files, albums upon albums and within the collection was the 2 disc David Bowie at the Beeb – this became the soundtrack to my first few months in London. I moved here not knowing anyone but my new work colleagues, for some this would have sounded pretty crazy but for me I was living! I wanted to be here so bad and wanted to be away form my hometown just as bad. I loved my early days in the city. Weekends would be spent exploring the city from corner to corner by foot or bus (rarely the tube as I could get my bearings more if I could see everything) my London A-Z in hand (which was the best thing I ever bought, after taking the advice of one of my friends Jen). Blasting on my iPod mini and in my headphones would be that David bowie album – I was experiencing Bowie from the beginning – it was wonderful! I ventured far and wide exploring all I could and educating myself on the great mans music. I quickly became a fan of Janine, Karma Man I lived out west at first and used to stroll through Portobello market whilst listening to God Knows I’m Good It was a perfect time. I had no worries, I was free, lived on my own, earned my own money. My only heartache was that my boyfriend was living in the states completing a Football scholarship. I think this made me create my own world with this new interest to distract myself from missing him so much. I began to go see live bands in Camden with some new friends. I learnt how people had been influenced by David and my vision of him became richer and as my life changed over the next few months and years I became more influenced and drawn to his work.

I discovered album after album over the coming years and realised although he changed his style so much from year to year I could find a place for each of his styles in my life. Some days I could be in a Hunky Dory mood and others I may be more connected with Scary Monsters. I loved this colourful spectrum that was David’s music! Although I have obsessively played a lot of his tracks over the years my all time favourite has to be Heroes.

I love this song so much. The video is so simple but so beautiful. I see the artistic-ness in it, I guess thats what makes me a designer (I notice these things) the way the light hits him to make a silhouette. He almost looks like an alien at the doors of his spaceship greeting us all, it’s curious childlike pose.


In much of the video he looks so vulnerable and stripped down. I think its seeing him near the end of his drug addiction days and showing us David Bowie for the first time rather than a persona. I think I will always love this video and song it never gets old and I always come back to it time and time again.

I want to draw attention to a certain thing that has happened since David’s passing and something that really angers and upsets me as I feel it so far from what David Bowie is about or would have wanted. There have been a number of people, celebrities thats have spoken out about their desire to put together some sort of tribute for Bowie. Some of these have turned out to be false and it is just the press, people on the internet stirring up rumours. Now whether they are true or not does it really matter? The result of some of these statements has led to fans of David Bowie creating so much online hate, petitions, memes to stop anyone they feel is not “worthy” to have the freedom to create said tributes. This is so sad, shouldn’t anyone who has the passion and desire to pay David a tribute be allowed to do so? Although it may not be to everyones taste or like it is from the heart and done out of love and respect that we all have for him. Lady Gaga’s recent tribute at the Grammy awards this year shows just that. She only had a certain amount of time within the slot she was given she showed a diverse spectrum of the work David has left us with and it was in her own way which I think is great! Yes we know Gaga is heavenly influenced by David and she knows I am sure she owes a lot to him so I can understand why she wanted to do this and I respect her for it.


I think her red carpet costume choices were excellent also! She has a look of Angie Bowie.


I want to wrap this post up now as it is long over due :/ It has now been over a month since David left us and I still find it hard to believe but I know he has left us with a lifetime of musical, artistic talent that we can all enjoy! Here is a playlist of some of my favourite songs in no particular order.


Item off the bucket list

So in March of this year I finally built up the courage to do a sky dive!

I had been thinking about it for some time but not really found the perfect place which would eventually persuade me. Well when living in Dubai I heard about Skydive Dubai, which most expats do at some point as either a colleague, friend or family member is going along for a jump and posting it on social media. But thats the great thing about Sky Dive Dubai they not only take a bunch and I mean a bunch of pictures of you while your screaming your head off up there, they also shoot some video and put it all together into a mini film along with interviews with yourself pre and post jump.

It is by far one the best things I have done and I am so glad I did it in Dubai as the views are immense! I would recommend it to anyone! So I only ever posted a couple of images online at the time but thought as I am starting to write more on my blog and wanting myself to come across more I wanted to let whoever reads these posts in on a little bit more about myself. Here it is in full my Sky dive experience – prepare to have your mind blow 😀

img_4752 img_4765 img_4776 img_4808 img_4812 img_4820 img_4825 img_4837 img_4872 img_4875 img_4878 img_4888 img_4889 img_4894

Vinyl memories

So I know its become quite cool to appreciate and buy Vinyl records again in recent years. I myself have purchased a player and bought a number of records over the last year. It has become really enjoyable as I rarely buy them new but instead I much prefer to explore the numerous charity and second hand stores that are in the area where I live or close to whichever office I am working in that day. I have come across and bought some absolute gems which I would have never thought to buy online or in store as It was more about exciting to search for them myself and discovering new musical tastes which had once been someone else’s treasured item.

Vinyl records take me back to my childhood and hold special memories for me. My Mum and Dad had a big collection like most parents who grew up before the Compact disc. I have very vivid memories of my Mum getting on with the house work and putting her records on at full blast, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor to the soundtrack of everything from Matt Monroe to The Four Tops, Mario Lanza to Sandie Shaw. I began to see how happy it made my Mum to have these artists within her home and hear them as loud as she wanted with no one to tell her otherwise. I myself took to these songs and would often prompt my Mum to play one when I knew it was the right time which could be either of the following:

  • My Dad and brother were out of the house so no need for the football to be on.
  • We were busy in other areas of the house so background music was a good idea (I still can’t stand silence when I am in my flat now, I have to have music playing)
  • We had people over and were sat in the kitchen or chatting in the living room (time for more background music)

Christmas was always a time for records to be played, It’s a running joke between my younger Sister and I that as soon as Halloween is over my Mum will be playing Christmas records! To our amusement she would delve into her archives of classics from artists such as Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams and Elvis Presley. These moments did definitely enhance my Christmas as a child as I am sure you will agree the old Christmas songs are definitely the best ones! They just have that magical being about them that makes you think of snow, old movies, hot chocolate and let me say it a traditional Christmas or shall I call it a classic Christmas from a Hollywood movie.

So all this being said I now see the same similarities in myself that I once saw in my Mum. I have purchased a record player and a number of records and now I have quite a collection! Some of my own taste but some are just cause they have that soft spot in my heart from way back when and others were bought from the musical influence of my Husband. Here is a list of the ones I have accumulated so far and where I sourced them from:

  • Electric Warrior by T-Rex
  • Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson

All kindly loaned from my Father-in-laws extensive collection (one that I must be exploring again soon).

  • Tango In The Night by Fleetwood Mac
  • Parallel Lines by Blondie

Both second-hand surprise purchases from my husband via amazon (doesn’t he have great taste) The Fleetwood Mac one has become a favourite of mine.

  • David Live by David Bowie

Salvaged from a dusty cardboard box at a stall in Spitalfields market, London.


  • Let’s Dance by David Bowie
  • Love Songs by Elvis Presley

Found in my local British heart foundation charity shop and another Oxfam in South Woodford.


  • Greatest Hits by Rod Stewart
  • Greatest Hits by Elton John
  • Motown Dance Party – Various Artists
  • Greatest Hits by Bob Dylan
  • Don Mclean album
  • Roxy Music album
  • The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie

Purchased at my local Oxfam charity shop – some were collected at a Vinyl night they hosted because of the abundance of Vinyl records they are accumulated over the years, I hope they have another event soon!


  • U218 Singles by U2
  • Nothing Has Changed by David Bowie

The only two records I have bought brand new. Since our visit to NYC this past summer or more accurately Madison Square Gardens to see U2 perform we have been playing their music constantly, so I wanted a record to remember this by. As for the Bowie one well I kinda needed to have his back catalogue in my collection didn’t I? I will probably continue to snag the odd iconic album as and when I come across it though.


  • The Very Best of the Bee Gees
  • Every Breath You Take – The Singles by The Police
  • Tina Turner album

Purchased again at an Oxfam charity shop this time in Victoria, London


  • You are Beautiful by The Stylistics
  • The Drifters
  • The Best of The Four Tops
  • The Fortunes
  • The Velvet Underground

The above three were very sweet 30th Birthday gifts from my Mum and Sister 🙂

I am always searching to grow my collection and I am sure it will double in the next year. I hope someday when I have children of my own that they will experience the same sweet memories I now reflect on every time I place that needle on the Vinyl.

South/North part 1

A couple of weekends ago Me and Dave ventured to North London and visited Hampstead Heath for the very first time! (Yes I know I have been here over 8 years!) I have alway thought about going but its never been close by to where I was currently living and I probably opted for a closer or easier to reach park such as Victoria or Hyde park.


I was so glad we made it and the view did not disappoint! It got me to thinking though… When I lived back in Doncaster I still had the interest of going into the countryside and taking in views from the top of hills and I was always intrigued by interesting buildings and architecture. I don’t know what it is but it just inspires me and gets me thinking about the areas history and people who live there – kinda deep but we all find our inspiration somewhere!

So it also made me think that how it blew my mind when I came to London and these views, buildings, places were just littered across this wonderful city my 21 year old self was blown away. Even though these new places were were so different to the ones I had previously treasured the old ones still have there place. I want to share two of my favourite spots old and new that I love going back to over and over again.

Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall

This was the view from the top and It was the place of many a trip as a child right through to probably my last day of permanently living in Doncaster. I ventured up here for sledging, walking my dog Sparky and Barney, walks with my then boyfriend Dave and a meeting place for friends who lived at the other end of our village of Sprotbrough. On those visits with friends, the four of us would sit at the top of the hill and look out over Doncaster and dream about all the things we would be doing when we grew up and it would often end in our younger/child at heart friend Claire suggesting we do roly polys down the hill just as we had at our picnics there in primary school! You can imagine the response she got from her teenage going on 25 year old friends!

The whole area around Cusworth hall is stunning and I have seen it grow and change over the years I just wish I could see it everyday sometimes, I never thought I would miss somewhere in Doncaster when I left but this places has stood the test of time for me.

The Golden Jubilee Bridge & The Southbank


This place to me is just magical! It has everything, Arts, restaurants, entertainment, bars, coffee shops, views, river vies, a ferris wheel and did I mention a carousel 🙂

When I first moved to London the first thing I bought is an A-Z and it was the best thing! On my own in a new city I would make my way from NW10 via foot and bus (never the tube as It was hard to gauge where you were and learn the surroundings) I would often end up here at the Southbank and explore its many attractions and secret spots. It quickly became my go to place when I had friends or family in town, just the walk across the Golden Jubilee bridge is enough to turn anyone who says London is too busy, too crazy for them to live in. I assure you this view is probably the best i have seen and it gets me every time I walk over I think to myself how lucky I am to live in this great city!

At Christmas a small market occupies the bank selling everything from mulled wine to gingerbread, in the summer there are numerous street entertainers and musicians entertaining the crowds. Near the BFI building there is usually a book stall to explore (who doesn’t love a good old 2nd hand book stall) they also sell old illustrations of famous landmarks across the country and one time I was rooting my way through the many boxes and came a across a picture of Cusworth Hall! I didn’t end up buying it unfortunately as it was in my earlier days when money could be better spent on food and bills, I often go back and see if I can come across it again though but no luck yet. There are many pop up bars, street food stalls, small exhibitions and there was even an manmade beach that took on a temporary residence during the summer months.

The London eye is probably the landmark of the area and mostly responsible for the huge crowds that gather but if you take a left when cross the bridge there is more to be had! The BFI is mainly a cinema where I have seen some amazing classic films such as Street Car Named Desire and The Man Who Fell To Earth and also caught a programme celebrating all the Disney films so managed to take in Pinocchio, Hercules, Lady and the Tramp and The Little Mermaid. There is also a lovely bar with huge sofas available (if you get there early to snag one) It’s perfect on a cold Sunday afternoon to sink into the lovely surroundings with a hot cup of tea and await your film showing. 🙂


FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) IMG_7802 FullSizeRender

This is only a small glimpse into this area as there is always something new happening and taking place so I guess thats what makes it one of my favourite places in London. No matter what month there is always something to do here whether it be taking in a film at the BFI, visiting the south bank centre for its latest show/talk etc or even wandering along the river until you meet the Tate modern, new or old, skint or flush with your new pay check you can almost certainly occupy yourself here. Go visit!